6 – Asia Hub talk. Dave

This week we listen to a talk I gave at our Asia Hub. I talk about movements lessons learnt from 3 seasons of life.

India – where we encountered people from the harvest coming to Christ and multiplying fast! We learnt that

  • The gospel in good soil multiplies 
  • (Parable of the Sower)
  • Instantaneous multiplication (It’s fast!)
  • It’s God’s work not ours
  • Power encounter, prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit
  • Key inside leaders (POP) are the best! 

Season 2 we were church planting in Australia. We learnt that

  • The traditional church is a barrier for most non-christians in Australia
  • People have to navigate church tradition and culture to find Jesus. 
  • Church is not ‘stage, singing and sermons’
  • Church within movements are formed around households (oikos) and people that belong together (affinity)
  • Discipleship is the core. Discipleship is evangelism
  • The gospels leaves us with one conclusion. Jesus made disciples in the harvest that multiplied 
  • If you make disciples you always get church, if you plant churches you won’t always get disciples
  • Don’t start with Church. Start with making disciples
  • The book of ACTS is the fruit of Jesus ministry 

In season 3 we focussed on Movement, DMM taking place here in Australia and the nations. some lessons we have learnt are

  • DBS and discovery methodology
  • Clear Methods accelerate Movement
  • Developing a clear strategy of
  • Pray – Go – Disciple – Multiply
  • Being driven by Core Values (Word, Spirit, Mission)
  • The value of multiplying leaders and teams
  • The importance of catalysing inside leaders, 
  • Training coaching and mentoring
  • A saturation vision is the end goal