5 – Sue Ash

After farewelling Toby, we are thrilled to introduce Sue Ash, our new Praxeis Chair. 

We know in Eph 4:11-12 Paul talks about the gifts God gives to help the church grow. They were apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers. The gifts God gave were ‘people gifts’.  God generously gives people to help his body to grow. 

Praxeis is in a new season. We are growing, and growth requires change. We are excited about the gift that Sue brings, or the gift that Sue is to Praxeis as we continue to grow. 

Sue shares her own faith journey, and how she continued to follow Jesus after her husband died. Carrying depth of character and also a wealth of professional experience, Sue shares about the role of Praxeis and her own heart for the church in Australia. 

The role of good governance is often poorly understood in Christian organisations. Sometimes governance is simply dismissed as unspiritual, or simply something a leader has to ‘endure’. However good governance  plays a vital back ground role. To use three metaphors, when governance is done well an organisation can find its wings and fly, It can build on solid foundations, it provides the skeleton and backbone for strength.

A board that seriously carries the vision and mission of Jesus to make disciples amongst all the nations is a great gift to many people who have decided that Praxeis is their ’tribe’. A good board says to those disciples who have passionately laid down their lives for Jesus and his mission … ‘go for it, we’ve got your back’

Welcome Sue.