Make your gift multiply.

When you give to Praxeis, you gift can go further. Thanks to our generous grant partners, your gift multiplies.

Pledge to give $50 a month (or more) and our grant partners will give Praxeis an extra $1100.


Give a gift of $5000 (or more) and our grant partners will match it!

Your gift to Praxeis goes towards spreading the message of Jesus across Australia and the nations. Your gift will help to:

  • train and resource disciple-makers
  • coach and mentor workers on the ground
  • develop leaders
  • pastorally care for workers
  • support disciple-makers and team in administration.

Got questions? Giving to Praxeis: Frequently asked questions.

Gifts to workers will be allocated to the support and ministry of the worker. If you would like to specifically allocate your gift, please email [email protected]

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