125. Obedience Multiplication and Church with Jim Britts

We continue hearing from Jim Britts (author of the book, 21 Days to Becoming a Disciple Maker) sharing with us in this last (of three) podcast on the habits of disciple making. 

Obedience – Jesus’ love language

Jim shares how there is a big difference between learning something and obeying something. We reproduce who we are, not what we tell people to do. Proving our love for Jesus happens through putting his words into real practice, avoiding vagueness (an enemy of obedience). 

Multiplication – pouring into less to reach more

Instead of ‘extraction evangelism’, we need to multiply the gospel through key insiders who’ll impact their existing ‘oikos’ (community). This means focusing more on those who are the spiritual sharers as Paul describes in 2 Timothy…

‘And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others’. (2 Timothy 2:2)


What does church actually look like for Jim?

  • Coaching through story telling: this happens over food as people share what God is doing from everyone being intentional with prayer and spiritual conversations. The group then responds with a time of prayer. (This space also includes coaching people to take their next steps in engaging with lost people). 
  • Discovery bible study: everyone is empowered to facilitate DBS. There’s a focus on empowering children since it’s worth the mess for the next generation. 

7 Commands of Christ when becoming a church

As groups come to Christ (and become a church), they are taken through ‘7 Commands of Christ’. Each week they look at different stories from the themes of Acts 2:37-47 (Repentance, Baptism, Loving one another, Prayer, Giving, Lord’s Supper and the Great Commission).

Final encouragement – be practitioners

Jim finishes by sharing how the most important thing for us as disciple making leaders is that we are being practitioners amongst the lost ourselves. We will reproduce only who we are, not what we tell people to do. Our very souls need this. 

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