7. Starting the Journey – Jason and Myra

Stories like Jason and Myra’s journey into making disciples are really important. They have grown from knowing ‘about’ making disciples to actually being practitioners in the game. From theory to practise. Starting as missionaries, involved in a busy communications ministry, they were challenged to move from ‘packaging and broadcasting the gospel’ to engaging and discipling the lost. This is what is so good about their story. There are many principles here we can learn from. We all start from our traditional answers, and learn as the Spirit leads us.

So what are the essential elements of moving from theory to Practise? Moving outside the Christian bubble, they intentionally immersed themselves in the harvest field that God had called them too. Through their kids they began building relationship with Muslim families. In this time they connected with a Praxeis hub where they lived. Church modelled in a home was both new and helpful. Through hearing stories and reading books and scriptures they had keys to move forward. Joining a community of practitioners that were living and breathing the great commission mandate of ‘making disciples’ proved vital for them. It’s ‘caught not taught’. Through prayer and more prayer, hearing God’s voice they were able to move from friendship to spiritual conversation and Discovery Bible studies. We need to learn from stories like Jason and Myra’s. We need many more ‘workers for the harvest‘ (Lk10:2b) like Jason and Myra!