Prayer Movements

After 3 days of meeting with Muslim Back-ground Believers in Central Java, from one of the largest unreached Muslim groups, today we trained in a house of prayer in another city in Java. 3 stories of rooms dedicated to 24/7 prayer. The meeting opened in prayer and worship… and it was soon obvious we were sitting under an ‘open heaven’. God’s presence was tangible. As we trained in DMM, we were literally sitting under a prayer meeting in the room above us. So good.

The primary focus is missions and Muslims, and especially radical Islam. After digging a little bit further I learnt there are 3 houses of prayer in this city dedicated to full time prayer. Not bad for a small city of 500 000!

There is also a prayer mountain where you can stay for free if you pray. There are 264 houses of prayer in Indonesia that focus on 24/7 prayer. It doesn’t take long to make the link that this is roughly 1 house of prayer per million people in Indonesia. So significant in the largest Muslim nation on the earth. No wonder there is a Kairos moment happening here!

They say the church in the West relies on knowledge and its own resources. American churches have more than 90% of the entire wealth of the church internationally … combined. It has Christian books galore on any life issue you could think up, more styles and translations of Bible than one knows what to do with, more amazing Christian music is being produced every day that we have ironically created a Christian music awards. The Western church is resource rich, over-fed yet is in sharp decline (esp Europe and Australia) and lives in spiritual poverty.

But the Church in places like Indonesia relies on the resources of heaven. That’s why they pray… and pray…. and pray. The kingdom of God is forcefully advancing in places like this, invading the kingdoms of the world. This century is definitely the Asian century … I say bring it on!