A Wind in the House of Islam

A while back I read David Garrison’s new book ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’. A great read!

He has divided up the Muslim world into nine ‘houses’, or cultural worlds. Worlds like the Persian world, or that of West Africa.

Outlining the somewhat depressing history of interactions between Christians and Muslims, he lays the groundwork to show what is happening today is unprecedented, new and startling. You have to like history to like this book, and I like history.

Something has shifted. The wind blows wherever it pleases (Jn 3:8) and the Spirit is blowing gently but powerfully across the Dar al-Islam (House of Islam).

Garrison has begun to identify movements throughout the world of Islam, of Muslims turning to follow Jesus. He identifies a movement as being more than 100 churches or 1000 believers.

In the first 11 centuries of Islam there were no such movements that have been identified.

In the 19th century there were 2;

In the 20th century there were 11 (most starting late in the century);

And in the first 12 years of this century a further 69!

A total of 82 movements taking place – and most of them in our lifetime. What many have yearned for, prayed for and laid down their lives for is beginning to take place now. It’s a historic time to be alive.

There are some terrific stories! I have to admit there were times I was moved to tears and had to put the book down to pray and worship. I especially loved the chapter on the Persian world, there were some good insights into the world of Shia Islam there.

While what is happening in the Islamic world is so encouraging, yet there is much to be done. These movements only represent between 2 to 7 million people turning to Jesus. Out of 1.6 Billion, that’s not much! Do the math. There are over 2000 people groups in the world, and movements have only happened amongst 1.5% of them. The task is great. Like never before the church needs to rise into action, to pray with endurance and passion, to engage in a loving way to reach these precious people whom God loves so much.

Grab yourself a copy and immerse yourself into the Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) and feel the wind blowing.