4 – Mike In Hong Kong

Meet Mike, a great guy working in Hong Kong! Mike and his wife Alice are leaders of our Praxeis team in that great city. Listen to his story starting as a Buddhist Hawaiian to becoming a Jesus follower after reading the gospel of John chapter 3. 

Becoming dissatisfied with ‘ordinary’ evangelism methods, he bumped into Grant, a movement worker who shared about disciple making movements which created hunger for more and changed Mike’s paradigms! Now Mike is a disciple maker and multiplier of workers in Hong Kong.

Jesus teaching in Luke chapter 10 caused Mike to ‘Go’ in a way he had never done before. This teaching has shaped his methodology. He began to go and find God prepared people in the Harvest. We learn from Mike the power of the Word, listening to Jesus and obeying the Spirit. And importantly, how this is a continual process for all of us. 

Mike shares about creating team, starting with praying for workers for the harvest and the importance of ‘desperate’ prayer. Now with over 30 DBS’s in the harvest they are starting to see households being baptised.

‘We were a company of friends who became desperate for God to show up’

You will really love this podcast, and be encouraged by Mike and his infectious enthusiasm … and more than that, you will be challenged to obey Jesus to go into the harvest in the way he commands in Luke 10.