3 – Out of England

Disciple Making Movements are growing exponentially around the globe. In hard to reach places, amongst the most unlikely scenarios, often amidst severe persecution. Currently there are well over 1000 explosive movements under way. Where are they not taking root? In the West. The Western world (Europe, North America, Australia etc) is traditionally the heartland and centre of Christianity. But the Church is in great decline in places like Europe. Increasingly the church, once the centre of culture and society, is now on the margins. The West is a unique missionary challenge as it is a Post-Christian Culture.

Much can be said here. But when I see leaders taking risks, stepping outside the normal traditions of church culture and reaching the harvest, I am all ears.

Meet Paul working in Middlesbrough in the north of England, and Ben working in Somerset, in the south of England. Both have had to step out of the church, take risks and go through the struggle of reshaping their lives internally and in practice. They are bearing fruit. I am deeply encouraged by these guys! If movements are to be birthed in the West it will be birthed by risk taking apostolic leaders like these.

You can read more about Ben’s ministry here https://benandcatherine.org and here https://www.missionsomerset.co.uk