2 – Indonesia

Indonesia is a great nation! ‘Daly’ is coaching many teams and leaders in the principles of disciple making movement throughout Indonesia. So far 4 ‘Hubs have been established and a number of key leaders are being developed in various ares. Around each key leader there are teams who start discovery groups.

Join us as we explore an emerging work in Indonesia. We discuss the importance of internalising the disicpleship DNA, before we try and replicate it in others. How to start where you are, and how to identify new leaders. Daly also shares with us his 6 core essentials that he trains at every level.

Indonesia is confronting a huge challenge with COVID. We are taking an offering for this need. More information can be found here.

Even though Covid has resulted in the postponement of onsite gatherings and training recently, God is doing many amazing things among the workers there.

One leader reports that there are 43 groups gathering. Amazingly some even meeting in the most dangerous of locations, amongst areas normal associated with high persecution.

Another group are seeing a movement among women. They tell the story of a woman, previously from another faith, who was doing discovery with women around her. When she met some nominal christians she was able to encourage them to also start a discovery group. This story has encouraged boldness among the team.

For security purposes names and places have been changed