Love Offering for Covid Crisis

Supporting Indonesian families through the COVID crisis

Indonesia, Australia’s closest neighbour is facing its most critical Covid Crisis to date. After 500 days facing the pandemic, the situation is getting worse with new cases topping 55,000 on 14 July, (only those being tested)! The hospital system is strained and not coping. People are desperate for beds and oxygen. The partial lockdown is causing even more strain for people trying to cope in the midst of a pandemic out of control.

Our team and our Indonesian partners, have prepared packages of traditional drinks and multivitamins (including VitC) to be distributed to those who are sick and to their families. This will help the local communities and church congregations who have had to go into self-isolation at home due to a positive testing. With our prayers and hopes, may God lighten their burden and bring healing.

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This simple package is designed to boost the immune system of 400 people in 6 locations across Java. Our initial target is to get this to 400 people. Our prayer is that this will make life-changing impact on these communities. 

If you would like to contribute to this need, you can either give through this website or by bank transfer. To give via the website, click on the button below to be taken to our ‘Give page’. Then click on ‘support a project’ and select Indonesia’s COVID Crisis.

OR make a direct deposit to the Praxeis bank account and write ‘LOVEINDO21′ in the description box.

Thank you for you generosity towards our brothers and sisters in this time of great need.