Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city mad about its sport and art, with a slight obsession for dining out and enjoying good coffee. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city with a population of nearly five million people. Melbourne is incredibly diverse and multicultural, with large Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Sri Lankan communities.

Praxeis bases its National Office in Melbourne and is also a centre of resource for the broader Praxeis vision, both nationally and internationally. We send out workers, prayer walk different regions to initiate work in new areas and carry the vision for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and the nations.

Our work

We have people spread out across the city; engaging with their neighbours, work colleagues, school communities, universities and wherever people are open to discovering God.

Teams start by soaking the community and people they are trying to reach with prayer.

Connecting with people can happen through a variety of ways. Sometimes community access happens through volunteer involvement in groups like English classes, school communities and sporting clubs. But most connections happen through meaningful and spiritual conversations with people from our own relational networks. Discipling relationships and Discovery Groups form as people are open and hungry to hear about God.

Our team