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Meet our support team …

This team are a much valued and important part of the Praxeis National office. They support the workers of Praxeis through business and financial management. 

Kelly Bull

Business Manager

Kelly has a history with Praxeis from the early days when she was part of a group of people who spent time studying the scriptures looking at ‘What is Church?’.  

Fast forward to today and Kelly has been employed as the Praxeis Business Manager for the last 4 years. Kelly has a dynamic presence and a value for integrity, which coupled with her experience in accountancy, business and not-for-profit systems consulting and training, makes her a valuable member of the team.

There is a lot of care that goes into keeping a relational organisation on track and in her role as Business Manager, Kelly looks after the interests of our stakeholders, donors, workers and board. There is no problem that is too big for her to solve!

Kelly has a big heart for young adults and, together with her husband, oversees this ministry and the treasury for Katalyst Church.

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Cyndi Goh


Cyndi is the Praxeis bookkeeper and has been with Praxeis for around six years. She has such a heart to serve the Praxeis community and sees it as a blessing to do so. She not only keeps on top of financial transactions of our workers, she also loves to pray for them too!

Cyndi works really hard behind the scenes and is quick to help out in any way that she can. Cyndi has two primary-school-aged children and loves baking! Administration is always better with a tasty treat on the side. 

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Fiona Low


Fiona is a qualified accountant and works with Praxeis one day a week. She enjoys using her skills to support the advance of the Kingdom. She has many years of experience working in secular organisations and can apply the skills that she has learnt to support the Christian sector.  

As an outlet away from number-crunching, Fiona is very artistic and loves to paint. With one child in uni and one in high school, Fiona keeps very busy when she isn’t organising our financial systems.

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Vicki Stokes

Administration Support and Events Coordinator

Vicki has been hanging out with the Praxeis crew since the beginning. As well as giving DMM a go in her local context, Vicki has the awesome job of supporting others catalysing DMM in teams around the globe!

Bringing a background of science research and education to the role, Vicki gets to do a bit of everything depending on the need! This might be welcoming a new worker onto the Praxeis team, helping develop policies and procedures or organising Praxeis events.

Her day is always varied! Vicki loves sending out emails while looking after her three gorgeous children. Shoot through an email if you have any questions about Praxeis, what we do and how you can be involved. 

Vicki Stokes also acts in the function of Praxeis Safety Officer. If you have any safety concerns related to an individual or activity, please contact her without hesitation. 

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Haylee Freudigmann

Communication and Relationships Coordinator

Haylee has a background in education and ministry, with qualifications in secondary education, vocational education and Christian leadership.

Haylee’s role at Praxeis is all about sharing the way God is working through Praxeis, creating DMM resources and helping people to invest in our work. Haylee is at her happiest when she can take complex ideas and communicate them in a creative, relevant and accessible way.

When Haylee’s not in the office, she enjoys facilitating writing workshops, hanging with the family and finding the next great op-shop bargain.

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