78. Paul King – Starting Groups in England

Today we listen to Paul King from Northern England share how he is engaging his city and starting Discovery Groups. He shares with us the spiritual condition of his nation as the church is in dramatic decline.

Paul and his wife Stella are pioneering in needy places amongst some of the poorest communities in England. Even here it can seem spiritually dry. However Paul sees it as his main job to find what he calls the 1%. Those God prepared people who are only found through abundant prayer and connecting with people widely.

Paul shares what his strategy looks like as he engages Middlesbrough. He then tells us a ‘live story’ of what it looks like to connect spiritually with people in the city. Those in whom God is already at work. We listen to how Paul seeks to establish discipleship groups by staying with the person of peace. Bringing the church to them.

Be inspired by a disciple making practitioner who is intentionally and prayerfully engaging in a western context and seeing disciples multiply around him.