77. Planting groups with Mike, Mel & Steve

Wondering how to start a Discovery Group? Listen to three fruitful practitioners in Mel, Steve (from North Queensland and PNG) and Mike (from Hong Kong). You’ll be practically equipped in learning how to start discipleship groups with lost people around you.

Here’s some keys these guys are learning as they see dozens of groups multiplying in various contexts around them:

  • Start and sustain it all with personal and multiplying prayer
  • Observe the culture
  • Find connection points through ‘two way hospitality’
  • Find and focus only on ‘People of Peace’ (those who are teachable, desperate to know God and share what they learn with others)
  • Connect relationally
  • Start ‘proto discovery bible studies’ through meaningful and spiritual conversations that lead to discovery.

Enjoy being trained by these catalysts who have seen movement take off from prayer meetings that have gone out of control!