71. David Watson #4 – Identifying a Person of Peace

David shares with us about finding People of Peace (POP) after sharing the Engage Africa ‘Person of Peace’ video. He gives us some characteristics to keep in mind when identifying POP within communities. We also hear of a story of a Person of Peace before David explains the difference between group and personal or mass evangelism. 

Groups are vital when it comes to movement, however David tells us that we are likely to see 8-10 groups fail. Despite this, groups do work since they replicate more groups of disciples. 

Persons of Peace are the key to seeing group evangelism. David trains using a Person of Peace game, highlighting important learnings along the way. These include how finding a Person of Peace is our single, most important prayer need we have when starting movements since it is an act of God. He also mentions how we need to be conspicuously spiritual when identifying a POP whilst connecting with a community. 


Engage Africa – Person of Peace video