72. David Watson #5 – Counter Intuitive’s of Movements 

David shares with us a number of counter intuitive or paradoxical statements his church planters have developed when it comes to seeing movement. These include: 

  • Go slow to go fast 
  • Focus on the few (or one) to win the many
  • Share only when and where people are ready to hear
  • A new / inexperienced insider is more effective than a highly trained, mature outsider
  • Start with creation not Christ
  • Its about discovery, not preaching or teaching
  • People learn best what they discover
  • Obedience is more important than knowledge
  • Let the lost facilitate the Discovery Bible Study
  • Disciple to conversion, not convert to make disciples
  • Prepare to spend a long time but anticipate miracle accelerations
  • Buildings kill church planting
  • Paid local leaders kill church planting
  • No personal evangelism so that the masses will hear
  • No mass evangelism so that the masses will hear
  • Expect the hardest places to yield the greatest results

David tells us the importance of moving on when people are not responding, remembering its not our job to convince people. He shares how Christ is the end, not the start story, highlighting how we don’t usually fall in love with a stranger. 

He describes how discovery is key since people can only own what they discover. David also speaks about how all four parts of the Great Commission are necessary for replication: 

  • Going
  • Making Disciples 
  • Baptising people in churches 
  • Teaching them to obey 

Finally, David finishes this episode by challenges us to stop sinning by missing the target. We need to be aiming for God to show up and show his glory even in the hardest of places. Its often here that we will yield the greatest results! 


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