69. David Watson #2 – A 30 Day Prayer Strategy 

David Watson continues our summer series on starting a DMM. This episode, he starts by reflecting on the importance of prayer after showing us the ‘Prayer and Fasting’ clip from the Engage Africa video series (we recommend watching this before or after listening to this week’s episode). 

Listen to David walk through one strategy of setting up a prayer network that can model prayer to others. This involves making a list of 30 people and allocate each to a day in the month. Then each day each person is contacted and is offered prayer. This is repeated each month. After a period of time each person is encouraged to ring and pray for 30 people per month too. A prayer network is rapidly formed that can contain thousands of people. 

Establishing and maintaining prayer networks like this for each area that we are wanting to see movement in is our first job. However personally we also need to be praying, seeing it more and more as a lifestyle that we deeply value alongside scripture and disciple making. 


Engage Africa – Prayer and Fasting video