68. David Watson #1 – Coaching not playing

In this first of six episodes, we rewind the clock to April 2016 when we first had David Watson come visit Australia and train us in starting a Disciple Making Movement (DMM). 

In this episode, David introduces the importance of the role of a coach in DMM. He begins by sharing with us how we need to have our favourite Christian beliefs challenged to embrace movements since everyone who wants to be a Christian is already a Christian. Our job is not to make people like our Christianity, but to help them fall in love with Jesus. 

Reflecting on the average costs Western Christianity, David identifies how our role in DMM must shift so that we become coaches not players. We need to have a higher tolerance for error and releasing the need to control. People on the front edge of movements are different to those on the inside. DMM only happens if we stop trying to lead and instead begin coaching movement. 

Finally, David describes how every church is essential. He hows how we can start a second track within our established churches for people keen to practice DMM principles. Others from the original track might then be inspired to join in once there is fruit. 

David ends this episode by challenging us to think about what we will need to give up to see movement. 


‘Contagious Disciple Making’ – David and Paul Watson