54. Ralph Moore – Building The Church #2

Ralph joins us again and shares with us this week about what it practically looks like to make disciples and helps us answer the question, ‘what does New Testament church look like in the West?’.

He unpacks what he calls the disciple making continuum where people are asked three simple questions: 

  1. What is God saying? 
  2. What will you do about it? 
  3. How can we help and pray for you? 

Ralph gives us some great insights into the essentials of church by referring to ‘micro-churches’. Instead of starting with church, he urges us to allow church to emerge out of Jesus and his mission. First Christology, then missiology and finally ecclesiology.

He ends this week with three core elements of church: 

  1. Worship (for life)
  2. Communion (amongst the members)
  3. Mission (everyone has something we are doing away from our group) 

You might want to listen to this episode a couple of times – its totally worth it!