53. Ralph Moore – Movement in the West #1

Over the coming weeks we have the privilege of listening to Ralph Moore. Ralph is an American church planter and multiplier. In 1971 he started Hope Chapel in California with just 12 people. Since then up to 2500 churches have been planted through his ministry with now a quarter of a million people in churches. Ralph gives us great insight into what movement in the West looks like.

Today we will hear him share part of his early story, including his experiences as part of the Jesus Movement in the 60s and 70s. Ralph gives us a glimpse of what it looked like to be caught up in this move of God. He also shares the importance of friending people to faith and being highly accepting of the lost.

Looking back he shares how what was happening in the Jesus Movement was actually church. What was happening on Saturday nights was in many ways much bigger than what was happening on Sunday morning.