55. Ralph Moore – Keys to Multiplication

This is our final episode with Ralph Moore as he looks at some of the keys for multiplication in the West. 

Ralph gives us a picture of how our ecclesiology (understanding of church) is what often stops multiplication. Recognising and validating simple models of church is essential. He also shares on the importance of church leadership and what qualifies someone to be a leader of a church. 

Reflecting on our post-Christian culture in the West, Ralph shares how recognising simple and small forms of church is vital to see movement. He describes the pre-discipleship process of friend making as increadibly essential in seeing groups form like in Acts 2. 

Finally, Ralph finishes by encouraging us that our role as leaders is to ‘move people an inch closer to Jesus’. We are, as he says, in God’s great saga not to evangelise someone in a ‘hit and run’ deal. But to take time with people as we lead them to Jesus. Ralph asks us two final questions: 

  1. Who are you leading?
  2. What are you doing with your role as a leader?