52. Aila Tasse – Cabbages in the Wilderness #2

A really great follow up podcast with Aila Tasse from Kenya as he opens up to us the importance of prayer, the role of the Spirit and forming church to see movement. He is also speaks to many of us who finds ourselves in Western contexts. 

Aila shares how crucial it is to be designing our personal lives around the areas of what he calls continuous, concentrated and scheduled prayer. He then points to Acts to describe how the Spirit is the driver of movement and leads us into mission as we pray. 

Aila then reveals how we need to qualify church without getting caught up in its many forms. He shares a story of how a seemingly uninterested security guard took what he heard and obeyed it back into his village. The result was four generations of churches that multiplied from Kenya into neighbouring Uganda. 

Aila also shares how to see Discovery Groups become churches that multiply. He speaks about how vital it is for us to see our groups move through transition points to become church. The functions of church are more important than the numbers with baptism seen as a crucial initiation for church formation. Discovery, empowerment of ordinary people and focusing on replication are mentioned as some of the seeds to see churches multiply. 

Finally Aila shares with us what he sees as keys for us in the West to see movement. He challenges us in the West that we are so often already part of many communities. We just need to be more intentional about planting the gospel. Overall, we need to either belong to a community or make a community. 

As Jesus says in the Great Commission (Matthew 28), our role is to be available and obedient in his commands to ‘go’ and learn obedience. He promises to be with us and we can trust God to birth movement through simple obedience.