121. Dave Coles – Cabbages in the Desert #2

In this episode, we continue on from last week’s conversation with Dave Coles, hearing about his exciting new book release, ‘Cabbages in the Desert’, the story of Aila Tasse. A story of a young Muslim being called by Jesus to see movements birthed across East Africa. Today we continue to draw out from Dave the DMM principles of how we are going to see movements in the West. 

Cabbages in the Desert is available here.

“Baheesi have you become a pastor!?”

Dave shares the stories of Baheesi and Ruth that demonstrate how simple obedience by seemingly ‘insignificant’ men and women can lead to seeing movements launched. These African leaders have impressed Dave with their calm confidence and a Holy Spirit led creativity and flexibility in making disciples in tough Muslim contexts. Because movements are indigenous, the stories of these leaders show us how they start somewhere and shepherd something that God is doing.

Levels of leadership in movements

Aila’s paradigm of a so called ‘leadership pyramid’, demonstrates a humble empowerment of others to form teams, hubs and networks that aren’t dependant on one leader or organisation. This ordered leadership process is not an oppressive structure. But instead it identifies where people are at and so allows various types of leaders to develop their gifts and grow. 

Training through apprenticing 

DMM training in Africa is highly relational and hands on. Doing life together through an apprenticeship type training model. 

The lifestyle of a movement leader is summarised by one leader, Albert in the book: 

“You can only make disciples if you too are a disciple. That means you are a person of prayer. You’re obedient to the Word of the Lord. You’re passionate and committed to making disciples and you have patience with them through the process. And you remember that the Lord Jesus was patient with the disciples. He took time to explain the parables. To even allow them to make mistakes. Similarly you are not afraid to release your groups to go on and form their own groups.” 

What’s next for Dave Coles the author? 

Through his upcoming books and literature, Dave seeks to continue to show us how God is working globally in creative ways amongst different people. This will include a book of another African leader working amongst Muslims in similar yet different ways. A second book (‘Leadership Breakthrough’) with Victor John will give a much needed Asian voice on leadership. These as well as a number of smaller accounts of various movement leaders from across the world. 

Dave’s prayer for the West

“That we would maximise everything we have been given to be like Christ and to be and spread his fragrance among all peoples.”

Dave’s final encouragement

“We are privileged to hear how God is using our brothers and sisters in other contexts. But it is not just for them. There are principles that are relevant that we can also apply in our context. These stories are encouraging to our hearts but are also insightfully wise for developing strategy. It’s wonderful for us to follow Jesus and follow in the footsteps of those he is using powerfully to touch the ends of the earth.”

This is the continuation of the amazing stories of movements that are being catalysed that we’ve been hearing out of East Africa from other leaders like Justin and Wilson

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