93. Nairobi Gathering #7 – Wilson’s Story Pt. 1

Over the next two episodes, you will hear Wilson’s story. It’s sure to inspire and challenge you!

Click on this video to see Wilson’s interview (or listen via the podcast):

Wilson works with ‘All Nations’ in Uganda. All Nations helped birth us as Praxeis through Floyd McClung’s multiple visits over a decade ago.

Growing up in Uganda, Wilson’s story begins with him finding himself caring and providing for his 22 other siblings as a young teenager after his father’s death.

After discovering Jesus as a newspaper seller on the streets of Kampala, he developed a new business idea that multiplied sales. The company took note and asked Wilson to work for them at a higher level. He was soon climbing the corporate ladder. As Wilson started to pray for his city, God asked him to leave the bank he was managing, a dream he had since childhood.

Wilson obeyed God but no idea how to see his city transformed. He started to walk the streets again, meeting people from the ghettos. Connecting with a group of drug dealers through a man called ‘Ghost’, Wilson learnt from these men how to re-engage with people on the streets.  

Initially starting with a core group of drug dealers, Wilson began to share about Jesus. He then learnt about disciple making, joining All Nations’ training in South Africa. Returning to Uganda, Wilson was eager to start Discovery Bible Studies through this core group. 

We hear of the multiple generations of disciples from the first person of peace in the group, ‘Ghost’. Discovery Groups were soon multiplying down several generations amongst the drug dealers and prostitutes across the ghettos. 

Wilson finishes this first of two episodes sharing,

“Down the road (of these generations of disciples), we’ve seen God work in simple ways, transforming lives”