113. Mike Hey – DMM in Adelaide

We reconnect with Mike Hey at our ‘Launch 24’ gathering in Melbourne. In this episode Mike shares with us some of his history, serving with OM and highlights some of the principles of seeing DMM catalysed in a multicultural city like Adelaide.

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Seeing DMM in Adelaide

Mike has a vision for Adelaide as a house of prayer for all nations. He shares how planting simple and reproducible churches starts with prayer. Mike joins with others and they pray for their neighbourhoods, asking God how they can be a blessing

For example, on many occasions, Mike tells us how they find themselves simply asking people to the park for a BBQ. Spiritual conversations are had and some begin to invite Mike and the team into their homes where they seek to gather for DBS (Discovery Bible Study).

Mike says how one of his friends came and said, “I don’t want to take a leap of faith but I’m curious about Jesus”. After doing a DBS, he was asked what he will do with what he had learnt. In response he said, “I’m going to share this story with my friends who are gamers”. Mike encouraged him to return and tell the group how it went. 

Mike says every neighbourhood of Adelaide can be a house of prayer wherever a follower of Jesus lives. Starting new churches is as simple as praying, blessing, finding a person of peace* and using the DBS to form a new community of faith. 

Mike’s final encouragement

“Trust that God can use you. That as you step outside your door, you can pray, “God be gracious to and bless every one on this street. Cause your face to shine on every Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheistic and even Christian who has lost their way. So we together would turn back to Jesus and follow him and be obedience and make disciples of all nations.”

*Mike defines a person of peace as someone who is receptive to God and shares what they are learning with their relational network.