114. Brian and Klaus – Reaching Canberra 

We catch up with Brian and Klaus from Grace Church Canberra at our Launch gathering in Melbourne to hear their journey of the paradigm shifts that they and their local church has gone through as they completely embrace DMM.  

View this interview as a video here.

These guys represent the Crosslink network of more than 160 churches around Australia and have a vision as a local church of seeing the whole of Canberra reached. 

They share how their journey into DMM included being struck by and influenced by people like Chris Galanos and his faith and expensive obedience steps to reach a million people in ten years.

Paradigm shifts to DMM

As seasoned pastors, Brian and Klaus tell us how they have had to lay down 

  • A focus on numbers and a service.
  • Sermons, knowing preaching won’t transform people’s heart and lifestyle. 
  • The idea of church, shifting it a smaller group, determined to follow Christ. 
  • Their status as the key leaders where everyone depends on them. 
  • All the tools they had acquired so they can pick up new ones. 
  • An old lifestyle to embrace a new way of life, practicing being a disciple maker themselves.
  • Old goals to set new ones all about multiplication. 

Brian says, 

“Multiplying generations of disciples is our biggest but our most worthy challenge”.

Shifting to DBS

Brian shares how he realised one day that he had been selling the scriptures short. 

“If you let the scriptures do their own work, they can lift somebody from wherever they are into the presence of God”. 

Ordinary people

Grace church is one of the only churches Brian knows of in the world that have completely transitioned to everyone in the church embracing DMM. This has seen the whole church become a team of disciples makers, engaging in places like local parks and homes. 

Brian says, 

“We don’t want anyone sitting in the stands. We want them sitting on the bench or engaged on the field. We know that if we as a congregation of ordinary people can see some kind of movement in one part of Canberra, then this will encourage others to do it in other parts of the city.”

Final words of encouragement

Klaus finishes saying, 

“Ordinary people, not just evangelists, can learn to walk with Jesus one step at a time”. 

Brian closes saying, 

“The heart of God is for all people. He has given us as the family of God the opportunity to reach all the people who are estranged from his family. This isn’t just an event. It is a process toward a lifestyle of fruitfulness that is reproducible without any limit”.