105. Mike Hey #2 – Living by and ‘in’ The Lords Prayer

This is our second podcast with Mike Hey. In this episode Dave finds out what Mike Hey tick. Dave looks at the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:1-4) and how it is connected to the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:2-12) with Mike. We listen to Mike’s reflections on these two passages and how they have helped him to pray.

Acronyms Mike loves

Mike shares his ‘WALK’ acronym for prayer:

  • W – waiting in his presence
  • A – aligning with his purpose
  • L – loved and loving 
  • K – knowing him as our Shepherd

Steve Smith’s last book (‘Spirit Walk’), also has an acronym of ‘SWAP’ for prayer:

  • S – surrender everything to prayer
  • W – wait
  • A- Avoid all sin
  • P – Perceive the prompting of the Spirit

Cultures eats strategy for breakfast

Kingdom culture starts with prayer


In the final part of the episode, Mike shares about his own ‘BLESS’ acronym by sharing some stories from Adelaide:

  • B – Be the presence of Jesus (starts with prayer life)
  • L – Listen to others (listen to their story)
  • E – Enjoy building a relationship with others
  • S – See God is already at work
  • S – Show Jesus (be intentional)

Word of encouragement

Mike finishes by referring back to Abraham sharing that we have been designed to bless. He shares how it might look like to practically connect spiritually with others in our lives.