104. Mike Hey #1

During our next two episodes, Dave catches up with Mike Hey in Salisbury (Adelaide’s northern suburbs). Mike is a mature practitioner and is part of Operation Mobilisation’s (OM) international leadership. 

Brief background

Mike shares a little of his and his wife, Ann’s background including serving with OM since the 1970’s in India. Since then they have focused on catalysing disciple making amongst unreached people groups as the director of OM’s ‘Doulos’ ship, working amongst university students and serving in Asia for ten years. 


Mike shares his association with Victor John (co-author of ‘Bhojpuri Breakthrough’ with Dave Coles who has shared on this podcast*). He describes the paradigm shift that allowed Victor to embrace a movement of now millions in an area once known as one of the hardest places for mission. One of the keys for Victor was the question: ‘Who can you share this with?’. 

The Australian challenge

“The church has locked the light inside the building.” 

Mike describes how the church in Australia needs to be turned inside out as we learn to seek God together for our city:

“We are not just doorkeepers at the house, we are gatekeepers to the whole city.”

You’ll be inspired as you hear many stories of Mike connecting with and seeing people discipled by encouraging everyone to do three basic things – Pray, Bless and Disciple


The idea and practice of walking is modelled by Mike as he lives by the motto: ‘Say what you do and do what you say’

“You gotta walk with Jesus, walk with other friends of Jesus and together, work out how He wants you to walk in your sphere of influence.” 

We can disciple people by:

  • Walking ahead (modelling)
  • Walking beside (assisting)
  • Walking behind (watching)
  • Walking away (leaving)

Slowing down, or ‘walking’ and making time for people is essential. 

Final encouragement

Mike commits to doing three things every day: 

  1. Being attentive to God 
  2. Being together with others (asking God “What are you sending us to do?”)
  3. Being intentional to follow those instructions 

And so Mike finishes this episode by encouraging us to pause, abide and listen to Jesus. It’s all about us finding our identity in Jesus and His identity in us. 

“Stay close to Jesus. Stay close to the cross. Step out your door and you’ll have the joy of seeing Him work through you and connect you with people. You’ll be surprised in the way he does it. Don’t rush ahead, slow down and listen.”

*Dave Coles previous podcast