106. Stuart Robinson – Prayer Power #1

For this summer series we are talking with Dr Stuart Robinson about his book, ‘Prayer Power: Changing The World Around You’.

Stuart begins by giving us a little backstory of how he has come to deeply value prayer. After seeing breakthrough amongst an unreached people group (UPG) overseas, Stuart and his wife Margaret came back to Australia. They arrived carrying a personal experience of the power of prayer, seeing tens of thousands amongst this UPG coming to faith. The result was the birthing of Crossway, one of the largest churches in Australia. 

In this first bite-sized episode, whilst referring to the decline of the western church, Stuart speaks of one of the key factors where he sees explosive exponential growth of the church. Persistent, prevailing and persevering prayer

“If you want your work, your church, your life, your family to go and to grow, you have to take into account this factor of persevering and prevailing prayer. Unless we discover this in the west, then we’ve had it.”