103. Phil Brown – 7 Calls of Jesus 

We catch up with Phil Brown from Oikos Australia who shares about his new book release, ‘The Seven Calls of Jesus’. 

Phil’s story

Phil begins by giving us some insight into how he has become involved in disciple making movements. He carries a passion of seeing ordinary people empowered to creatively take the Gospel into every nook and cranny of Australia. 

Phil’s book

‘The Seven Calls of Jesus’ looks at the simple yet profound calls Jesus made that framed his own ministry, the early church and is still deeply relevant to us today. Phil hopes many can easily access this book as a helpful disciple making training resource. It’s filled with wonderful stories highlighting Phil as an active and fruitful practitioner of what he is teaching.

Ekklesia – a loving community 

“I have a dream that people in Australia couldn’t go for more than a week before bumping into one or more fired up followers of Jesus…coming across interesting and intriguing faith communities.”

Phil tells us stories and insights into what ‘ekklesia’ historically means and is looking like today in Australia. He describes how since the early church, there is still “something magic about these communities. He asked us “What’s in your hand? There are many modules to do ekklesia…hospitality and a passion for Jesus is a pretty lethal mix!”.

Listening – the key to sharing 

We listen to Phil’s heart for people encountering Jesus. He illustrates the importance of listening to people. To ask questions, picking up on their needs. These are the keys to move into people’s worlds, engaging spiritually in prayer and Bible storying in everyday life. 

Words and prayer of encouragement

Phil ends by sharing how the words we want to hear from Jesus in the end are, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21, 23). He encourages us to be faithful, leaving the results to God. To be tuned into the Spirit, being sensitised to every opportunity. 

Phil’s closing prayer: 

“May these courageous, frontline workers sense that you have brought them to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”