102. Steve and Michelle Addison – The Hope of the Gospel 

This week we speak with Steve Addison. Steve has recently said goodbye to his wife, Michelle, after her struggle with cancer. We catch up with Steve to not only see how he is going but to hear from him how the Gospel is true and real in the hardest of times and places. He shares what the Gospel means when we face the reality of life and death. 

“We made it!”

Steve starts by saying how he has a deep sense of satisfaction in the goodness of God after going through the last four years of Michelle battling with cancer. When it was becoming obvious that God wasn’t going to heal Michelle, Steve shares how they both looked at each other and said “we made it!”. Michelle and Steve celebrated what God had done in and through them after their 42 years of marriage.  

The relevance of the Gospel 

As Steve reflects on his latest book, ‘Acts and the Movement of God’, we hear his deep realisation these days of the triumph of God. Despite God’s messengers in Acts facing so many hardships and suffering in Acts, God still triumphs. In the midst of the turmoil and our weaknesses, God is doing his work.

Steve asks us, so what does God want from us? He wants us to trust him when it doesn’t make sense. Regardless of appearances, even unanswered prayer, God is faithful and good. In the end, Steve tells us how God’s power was not at work to heal Michelle, but it was at work to reveal himself. 

Sharing the Gospel with others

Steve describes the many opportunities he and Michelle have had to share the Gospel with others. For example, he would often share the secret to Michelle’s obvious positivity, saying it was her faith and hope in the resurrected Jesus. Many people then responded by sharing their own spiritual experiences.

‘Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.’ (2 Corinthians 1:9)

Reflecting on Paul’s words, Steve encourages us that whatever hand we’re dealt, this is our opportunity to bring glory to God.

Tribute to Michelle*

We hear of how Michelle pioneered a ministry to internationals through the integration of English conversation and Discovery Bible Studies. Life long friendships have formed from those she has discipled. Others have now continued on this ministry. Along with her family and friends, these people are the fruit and legacy of Michelle’s life that we celebrate. 

The season ahead?

We listen to how Steve is seeking to stay active as he heads out to Greece early next year. He will be helping build a hub that is serving the surrounding regions. Steve plans to travel into these areas to help serve. Steve tells us how we will be allowing God to speak during this time as he processes Michelle’s passing and looks to the future. 

Final words of encouragement

“Be prepared for the greatest challenges you can imagine and expect to find God in them. Expect to lean into your weakness in order to discover the glory, power and presence of God.”

Steve spoke to a new disciple recently saying, “Brother, its going to be hard. And its going to be good. Because God is good.” 

“You can find God in any circumstance. Answered prayer. Unanswered prayer. Death. Life. The unchanging thing is the character of God revealed to us in the Lord Jesus. So make him your goal. Not a movement. A movement is the fruit of people who place him first and do his will.”

*A tribute to Michelle has also been posted by Steve on his blog site here. You can also view Michelle’s funeral online here.