God’s work amongst Toowoomba refugees

Jane is from Toowoomba, a regional resettlement city in southern QLD for thousands of refugees from many nations. 2000 Yazidis fleeing Syria and Northern Iraq now call Toowoomba home. God is at work amongst these unreached people. Jane, who recently completed our DMM online training shares more below…

“One of my favourite learns after doing the Praxeis online DMM training has been doing a prayer mind-map. I’ve shared it with others too as I regularly prayer walk and pray for potential people of peace in Toowoomba. People like my beautiful Yazidi neighbours who I visit and drink cinnamon tea together with often. As we connect I listen and we share stories together.”

“I’m looking for where God is working and share scripture with them. I’m also looking for how to serve them in practical ways offering prayer, helping with english learning and lending them our mower.”

“Last December they invited me in for another cup of tea as I walked home with a bag of shopping. They asked to see what I had bought. I had just purchased a Christmas decoration of a cross with a nativity scene on it. This has opened up conversations with them sharing what they already know of ‘Isa’ (Jesus), Mary and the virgin birth. I can see that God is at work.”

Jane’s Christmas decoration

“The Praxeis training has helped me to be spiritually transparent with a group of others being coached as we look for where God is working. Then it’s just about being ready to share and care as the Lord leads. We can then see who responds and keep praying!” 

Prayer plus being intentional in joining in where God is at work are vital and powerful keys where we see movement sparking. Joining with other disciple makers like Jane did through our online training is essential since team creates momentum that ignites movements.