Mind Maps!

A Mind Map (or people map) is a great way to identify where God is already at work in the lives of people you are personally connected with.

We use mind maps all the time. They help us to see where God is working, identify people of peace, identify where the gospel is multiplying ( 2nd and 3rd generations of groups) and evaluate the effectiveness of what we are doing. Mind Maps also show us who we should be praying for in own world. It also brings focus as we tend to ‘notice’ people that were not on our radar. We begin to see how we should pray more specifically and look for opportunities to share Jesus with them. 

Identify the Relational Streams

As we read the New Testament we see that the gospel often spread through relational streams. Someone experienced Jesus and they ran and told their friends or family about the amazing thing that just happened. Churches were planted in households among families, friends and relational connections. People didn’t actually leave their families to go to church, as they became disciples, they were the church right where they were.

Identify where God is already working

After you have done your mind map stop and prayerfully examine all the names you have written down. Try and identify where God is already working on your map.  Look for any People Of Peace. 

You may have already had a spiritual conversation with some one or perhaps they shared a need  they had with you and were open for you to pray with them or to help them practically to meet that need.

People of Peace are open to the Gospel, hungry for God and often share what they have learnt about God very quickly. These vital connections are doorways to their community. They will be responsive and share with others in their world. People who are the ones God has already prepared. This is who we are looking for.

So how do I do a mind map?

It’s really simple. You can start by putting your own name in the centre of the page then jot down the different groups that you recognise you are connected with.

Things like family, work, sport, school, church etc then draw a connecting line from the group to add any names of people that you could pray for and potentially disciple. There maybe individuals, or even groups on your mind map.

When you have drawn your Mind Map there will be several people that stand out to you because you can see that God is at work in their lives.

Commit to pray & Act

Commit to pray for these people on a regular basis. As you commit, develop a routine of prayer that is sustainable (perhaps each day as you drive home from work or something that works for you!)

As you pray ask God what you should do? What are the next steps? Be led by the Holy Spirit.

Ask God for opportunities to have spiritual conversations or to open up doors for discipleship to happen. 

Get a big piece of paper and write down the people in your world.  

For example: