Discovery Group to church

Mike, our leader in Hong Kong, shares how a Discovery Group in his home has recently multiplied into a brand new church. 

“We have been having Discovery Bible Study with our domestic helper, Aida for a little over a year. Each weekend she would take the Scripture we gave her and go have her day off at a boarding house and lead another Discovery Group with her friends. Last Christmas Aida got baptised. Two weeks ago, the ladies from Aida’s boarding house also followed Jesus in water baptism. Seven were baptised. Praise the Lord!” 

“We are praying that these ladies will continue to grow in their faith. Aida herself is now leading this new born church. As we keep supporting her, we are also praying for God to continue equipping Aida to lead well.” 

Discovery Groups naturally grow into new churches. By modelling a Discovery Group to Aida in his home, Mike shared all the characteristics of New Testament church right from the beginning.