Christmas Offering 2023

People from Adrian’s community used to seek his advice as a psychic.
Now he’s leading them to discover Jesus!

Adrian had a vision of a man appearing to him saying “I am who I am”. Adrian* was guilt ridden after betraying his wife when he connected with some of our workers. After discovering other “I am…” Bible passages with the team, Adrian saw his entire household baptised. He and his wife now lead four Discovery Groups with one multiplying into another context. Bitterness in Adrian family relations are healing as they learn to follow Jesus. 

As we care for and connect with spiritually open people like Adrian through our projects, communities are being transformed through people discovering Jesus and groups of disciples multiplying. 

We invite you to give to our Christmas Offering this year with funds going to three areas of need:

Ukraine – Relief for conscripted Gypsies this winter

Our team is bringing relief for up to 500 conscripted Hungarian Gypsies on the frontline of the Ukraine war this winter. Funds are needed for the delivery of basics (including food, water and shelter) as well as warm bedding and electricity. Generators and solar power banks will improve heating, lighting, cooking and communication needs. The team will connect with gypsy soldiers and share not only essential items but also the hope of Jesus.

Photo: Ukrainian soldiers being welcomed by the residents of Kherson 
(Lynsey Addario for The New York Times)

Indonesia – Motorbikes for workers 

Our workers in Indonesia are seeking better access to remote villages. Current transportation is inadequate as they travel many hours to connect and coach locals from various unreached people groups. Motorbikes will enable our disciple makers to continue visiting both existing and future discipling groups in several locations. 

Afghanistan – Herat Earthquake

Thank you to all who have given so far to the Herat earthquake offering. Funds are still needed to provide food relief to those still recovering. Giving to this Christmas Appeal will contribute to the remaining funds needed. 

Photo: Residents clear debris from a damaged house after earthquake in the Herat province. (Photograph: Mohsen Karimi/AFP/Getty Images)

If we receive more than what is required for these projects, we will direct the funds to other similar aid projects.