Afghan Earthquake Appeal

Between October 7 and 15, Afghanistan’s Herat region was struck by four powerful earthquakes. The effects were devastating. Entire villages were completely destroyed, leaving over 2,000 dead. The majority were women and children. A further 40,000 people have been affected – livelihoods have been erased and thousands have lost their homes. Many are sleeping on the streets despite the cold nights and struggle to find sufficient food to survive. 

Photo: Residents clear debris from a damaged house after earthquake in the Herat province. (Photograph: Mohsen Karimi/AFP/Getty Images)

Rescue efforts are underway but resource is scarce in comparison to the urgent need. The major immediate needs are shelter, clean water, food relief and warm clothing. 

A small team associated with Praxeis workers are stepping in to help. Local partners from this team have visited affected areas to deliver food relief. These partners have also been trained to bring hope with them. If funds are made available, they will be able to make another trip into the region – again bringing food relief and hope to those in desperate need. 

Photo: One of several Herat villages turned to rubble (Photograph: Samir Mirwai/Anadolu).

*If we receive more than what is required for the project, we will direct the funds to other similar aid projects.