New Zealand

Focusing on an area known as The Golden Triangle – Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton – has meant Praxeis New Zealand has its eye on 50% of New Zealand’s population. These three cities are home to some of the most affluent, and poorest suburbs in the country. 

With over 80 ethnic groups and a number of universities, there are many opportunities to connect and build relationships with people who are open to spirituality, but not organised religion.

Beyond these northern cities, we are seeing doors opening that are widening our base of connections throughout NZ. God is opening doors to see Disciple Making Movements happen in other regions across the country.

Our work

We are personally engaged in making disciples among people far from Jesus. At the same time, we connect with churches to offer training, encouragement and coaching in Disciple-Making Movement thinking and practice.  Our desire is to build partnerships with churches across the country to help ordinary believers make disciples through their relational networks.

Our team