Eastern Europe

There are 5 million Gypsies stretching across Eastern Europe, through Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. These are marginalised people, often discriminated against, living their lives on the edge of society.

Our work

We are working across several different regions in small teams by connecting with people through prayer and community networks. We run and coach Discovery Bible Study groups with individuals, families and small communities – using language and resources that are designed for Eastern European Gypsy people. Together, we coach, mentor and train young Gypsy leaders in the principles of Disciple Making Movements.

Our team

We have a growing group of passionate young Eastern European Gypsy leaders who have a heart for their own nation. These young people are being trained to follow Jesus’ model of disciple-making with a focus on four core practises:

  • passionate prayer
  • abundant gospel sowing
  • life-long discipleship
  • planting transformational communities who multiply the gospel.

Upcoming events

Our team