118. Praying for breakthrough

We continue our series from the Launch program with Dave sharing this episode on the power of prayer in seeing breakthrough for our cities. Be inspired to prioritise prayer afresh as Dave calls us to be part of the ‘Pray for 8’ vision God has for our cities as we gather this Pentecost weekend (17-19 May). 

Building an alter of prayer

Drawing from his past frustrations and experience, Dave paints the somber picture of the spiritually dry landscape of Australia (and the west). The current reality of the continuing decline of the church in Australia should deeply disturb us as Jesus’ disciples. Our response as one fiery Indian pastor once prophesied to Dave is to ‘build an alter of prayer’.  

Vision of the invasion of God’s Spirit

While sitting in his lounge room during a season of prayer and fasting, God showed Dave a doorway and invited him to step through it. So he did and this is what he saw: 

“I saw a picture of the ongoing spiritual battle (fire and raging tempest) in the heavenly realms and above this was the kingdom of God. From the battle a spiral like a tornado (the invasion of the Holy Spirit) connected directly to a small group of believers praying together on earth. There was not just one of these invasions of the Holy Spirit but many. All were connected to believers who were praying right across the globe.” 

Addressing our cities’ strongholds

Dave shares some miraculous stories from the city of Mumbai during his time in India. All from a group of people intentionally surrounding the city in prayer!

“We are praying for Acts 2 to happen. For an outpouring of the Spirit and for Ekklesia to start and multiply. God did this in the book of Acts in city after city through people like Paul who said, ‘From Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel…now there is no place left for me to work in these regions’ (Romans 15:19,23). This was because Paul had established multiplying hubs of discipleship. So let’s do it! Let’s go and pray for the cities. For a multiplying movement to take place.”  

Our response? 

If you want to be part of ‘Pray for 8’ this Pentecost weekend in an Aussie capital city, contact us to find out how you can get involved!