Working out spiritual conversations

Anna met Paula at a pilates class in Perth earlier this year. She is often on the lookout to share stories of how God is involved in her life. Anna soon learnt that Paula’s husband is facing some serious cancer treatment so Anna started praying for Paula and her husband. The women would often talk over coffee after the class. 

Paula’s birthday was coming up, so Anna created a ‘scrapbook style journal’ as a birthday card for Paula. Anna carefully curated a multi-page book, filling it with pictures and words that she knew Paula would appreciate. There was plenty of space for Paula to write about her life.

One day Anna and Paula were talking about how having a thankful attitude is so powerful in our lives. Anna is encouraging Paula to start writing down the things she is thankful for in the journal. The gift is becoming so precious to Paula. “It lives on my bedside table and I look at it every night before I go to sleep,” Paula said. 

Paula’s husband noticed the journal too. As he leafed through the pages he realised the maker knew his wife very well. 

“How long have you known Anna?” he asked Paula. 

“Only a few months,” Paula said. 

“She seems to know you so well. How did that happen?”

Paula’s answer is so insightful and helpful to anyone seeking to start spiritual conversations with others so they can become disciples of Jesus. 

“She listens to me.”

Learning more about spiritual conversations

Having spiritual conversations isn’t about getting caught up in arguments or trying to prove a point. Being ‘quick to listen and slow to speak’ is vital as we listen carefully to others. It can be as simple as seeing if someone wants to move from having a casual > meaningful > spiritual conversations. Click here if you want to learn more about having spiritual conversations.