Where do I begin?

‘Where do I begin?’ is probably the top question I’m asked whenever I start chatting about Discovery Groups. 

There’s a sense that drawing a group of people together around the Bible is complicated or near impossible in today’s culture. And yet we are seeing groups catalysed across Australia and the world.

So where do we begin? 

Well, we start with us … simply living out what it is to be a disciple as we go about our day.

Then we look for a person (or people) that God has placed in our lives who is open and hungry to know more about spirituality and faith. It’s with this person a Discovery Group can begin. Invite them to explore the Bible with you, over food of course, and ask them to invite others in their network to join in.
This group formation can happen quickly or over an extended period of time, but it’s important we don’t overcomplicate it. God is at work, we follow His leading. 

The best thing about this is that anyone can do it! This isn’t a special model for special people. It is for anyone who wants to see their friends and family meet Jesus.

There are other questions of course, like ‘How do I run a Discovery Group?’, ‘What Bible passages should we study?’, ‘How do I coach others to lead?’ These are all questions we would love to help you find answers for.

If you’re interested in knowing more – let us know.