Turning towards Jesus

In December, Carly approached Gabi, our Praxeis worker in Hungary, to ask if she could disciple her. Carly had been walking in a different direction, but after attending church with a friend, she turned back towards Jesus.

Gabi prayed about discipling Carly and felt God confirm this was part of his plan.

Carly was eager to get started and share the gospel with her friends at the local photography school she attends. So Gabi sent Carly a bookmark with easy-to-follow instructions on how to do a Discovery Bible Study. 

After a couple of days, Gabi checked in to see how Carly was going. Carly was amazed at how simple and transforming the Discovery Bible Study could be. And when Gabi and Carly were able to meet, Carly had lots of questions and was hungry to learn more.

Plus (and this is super exciting) Carly had already begun discipling two other people.

Carly is keen to continue making disciples – and while not having much connection with the Gypsy people before – Carly feels God might be calling her to join Gabi in speaking out for the Gypsy nation, sharing the love and hope of Jesus.

Carly is a keen photographer and documentary maker. Both Carly and Gabi are praying together to see whether Carly’s artistic passion might be an Access Ministry to the Gypsy community.

Please pray for Carly, that she might continue to grow in her love for Jesus. Thank God for bringing Carly and Gabi together and pray for wisdom as they explore new ways to engage with the Gypsy people.