The Most Dangerous Place in Britain

Paul and Stella have been making disciples in Middlesbrough and Hemlington in the UK. A recent documentary on British TV labeled this area ‘The Most Dangerous Place in Britain’. Sounds like the kind of place Jesus would turn up and have compassion. 

They continue to share lots of stories from the harvest in this same area. Team is forming as they run a weekly discovery group in a local pub as well as hold regular prayer meetings and go out to prayer walk the area. They are connecting with people and discipling them wherever they are, to follow Jesus. 

One of the Discovery Groups Paul has formed consists of men like: 

  • A previous next door neighbour. 
  • This neighbour has invited a work colleague to join the group after reading and talking about scripture together. 
  • A previous inmate from prison who has struggled for many years with drugs. 
  • A man Paul baptised a few years ago. 
  • A Singaporean student. 
  • A man from Belgium they met while on holidays last year. 

Paul and Stella commented…“So we have this group beginning to go through scripture from Creation to Christ. They are a mixture of unbaptised and unsaved and some saved and baptised. God willing, we will be able to train and equip all these guys to form groups as we go on a journey to discover and follow Jesus.” 

Part of Jesus’ strategy was to reach cities. ‘Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages…proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction’ (Matt 9:35). Our cities can be dark and often dangerous places. Following Jesus in these places looks like engaging with the lost and broken. Making disciples like Paul and Stella.