The humble letterbox

Andrew and Mindy walked their neighbourhood, dropping a leaflet in 19 people’s letterboxes. On the leaflet, they introduced themselves, offered practical help and shared their phone numbers in case anyone would like to contact them.

A number of people did, and so Andrew and Mindy began to pray about how they might share spiritual things with them. Text messages seemed to work, so they decided to send one out each week. The first one was sent on Andrew’s birthday (and Anzac Day) – sharing inspiring words of hope: ‘Greater love has no one than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends’, John 15:13.

A number of people texted back – some are average Aussies, some are Muslims and others from different faiths and countries. They are praying that these text messages will become face-to-face relationships as restrictions are relaxed.

Let’s pray together:

– Ask God to open doors to the Muslim households in this Sydney street during Ramadan. Pray that Andrew and Mindy will also be open to the ways God might be at work.

– Pray that God will spark a deep yearning for spiritual things among the Aussies in Andrew and Mindy’s street, who can so often be anti-religion or skeptical of faith.