Steps of obedience as a team

Our team in Regional Victoria are from different country towns scattered around the state. So they usually gather over zoom. Recently they decided to spend an extra night each month gathering together specifically to look at scripture and support each other to intentionally step out their own obedience steps in response to God’s Word.

What does that look like? 

Team members felt they needed to do things like:

  • Keep sharing the vision to make disciples with others
  • Look for spiritually hungry people
  • Encouraging others to pray with them
  • Build team in their local contexts

These small but very intentional steps have led to:

  • A new group gathering to reach the local area
  • A group gathering in specifically for training in making disciples
  • Looking for spiritually hungry people in the ‘run down’ areas of their town
  • Intentionally engaging with those from a catholic background who have walked away from faith

New spaces are opening up across the state for people to discover Jesus.

Our small steps of obedience are significant to God and powerful in ushering in the kingdom of God wherever we are. But we were never meant to do this alone. Jesus gathered a team of disciples around him. Being part of a discipling community who helps each other take simple steps of obedience is vital to seeing God’s kingdom come.