Starting a Discovery Bible Study at work

Jerry, a local doctor in Australia’s regional towns of Echuca-Moama was praying and asking God to help him start a Discovery Bible Study. Over about 12 months, he was having spiritual conversations in the tea room with his fellow doctor, Rahul*. 

Around Easter time this year, Jerry and Rahul were talking about the meaning of Easter. Rahul was interested to know more so Jerry asked if he would like to read the story straight from the bible together. He was keen. So they started with the Easter story and Rahul was keen to keep going. They progressed to read other stories about Jesus. Rahul is now starting to discover what it means to follow Jesus for himself as he reads the scriptures in his own language. He is also learning and growing in his confidence to pray. 

It was exciting for Jerry when Rahul told him that he was sharing these stories with his housemate. They would discuss them over dinner at the end of the day. 

God’s timing is always perfect. Rahul was having lots of little spiritual conversations with Jerry over the year. Jerry offered prayer many times and they would often talk about their beliefs. He says that after all this ‘scattering’, he realised it was time to actually make the invitation. To ask Rahul if he wanted to read the bible together. And they did!

* name changed