Serving Ukrainian gypsy refugees in Hungary

After the war broke out in Ukraine, millions of people have been fleeing into neighbouring countries, including Hungary. The Praxeis team based in and near Budapest have been serving some of the Gypsy refugee families from Ukraine since the first week of the war by organising housing, visas and delivering food, medicine, hygiene items and toys for the children. 
Wives have been separated from their husbands as the men try to avoid being enlisted to the army. This has meant the team has been connecting mostly with mothers and their children who have been sharing heartbreaking stories of escaping Ukraine with just one suitcase in hand. Many tears have been shed as these mothers share their pain. 
The team have been deeply moved as they listen to these stories. As they meet some of the practical needs, they have also been sharing God’s Word and praying for these families. Friendships have been forged with these mothers and invitations have been given to the team to visit their homes back in Ukraine once the war is over. 
There has also been an opportunity for the team to reconnect with a large extended family. The team had previously met them in a Ukrainian gypsy camp before the war broke out. They were able to feed the family for a week and have had powerful prayer times as they continue to share Jesus with them. Some of the younger people in the family have expressed an interest in starting a discovery bible study. 
These families are asking for prayer for 

  • those who are afraid to leave Ukraine
  • those still on the road
  • their own families to be reunited
  • employment for their husbands
  • and for ongoing provision for longer term needs such as housing

Let’s pray for God’s kingdom to come during this devastating time in Eastern Europe. For God to break through in the lives of many families as the team in Hungary continue to serve and share God’s love with those leaving Ukraine.