Scattering Seeds amongst the Aussie Van Community

Hello! My name is Destiny, a little about me…I’m 23 years old, live in a van, I have a business called Destiny’s Chai, have a dog called Larry, love people and love Jesus! 

Last month, I was led by the Lord to take a ten day road trip down the Great Ocean Road in Australia’s south-east. I was encouraged and supported by the Praxeis family in Victoria. It was a Luke 10 style trip, not knowing where I’d end up but trusting the Holy Spirit to lead me to spiritually open people. I had a desire to particularly pray through the towns and connect with the Van community. 

My greatest prayer is to see a move of God amongst the Van community, which generally equates to the New Age community. They are seekers, questioning society’s norms, living simply and in tune with the spiritual world. Imagine them filled with the true Spirit, free in Christ and going out with the power of the gospel! 

The Lord connected me with many who live in their vans on the Great Ocean Road’s Surf Coast. I was able to immerse into their world, hear their stories, share about Jesus and pray with them. They are hungry for truth. As I prayed through the towns I so wanted to see instant fruit. Of course I believe God can do things quickly but He was reminding me of the parable of the farmer scattering the seed (Matthew 13). 

We scatter and God makes it grow and multiply. I believe through surrender in prayer He humbles us so that we depend on Him and He gets all the glory. Man do I need to spend more time praying than anything! 

I’m learning more and more that we need to go to the people. Into their worlds. For me it’s the Van community, but to another it might be a hospital they are working at or a mothers group they regularly attend. 

Wherever you are, start by praying and be Jesus’ hands and feet to those around you! Go Ye!