Praying it by ear

Varid is a church planter who has experience starting churches with people from Christian backgrounds. But his heart was more motivated to start from among the unbelievers. About six months ago he attended our on-site DMM training. Since then, he has been applying DBS questions to groups in his church.

Mahdi, a street trader from a majority faith background in South East Asia, was seeking God’s healing when he made contact with a social media ministry.  One of our workers in the area, Varid, was assigned to visit Mahdi. It turned out that Mahdi was suffering from ear pain which for more than a month prevented him from working.

After talking for a while and sharing a little about the Gospel, Varid offered to pray in the name of Jesus. Mahdi accepted prayer. Over the next few days Mahdi experienced a complete healing and returned to his work. The people around him, also from the majority faith, wondered about it and slowly Mahdi began to tell them Jesus had healed him.

Recently, Varid visited Mahdi again and a DBS group was formed in his home. Mahdi gathered his adult son, wife and nephew. They were very excited to start reading the stories. 

Varid is praying for this new group to grow and multiply especially amongst Mahdi’s network of street traders. Mahdi is an example of a ‘person of peace’. Someone who is seeking God and who shares what he discovers with others.